Monday, April 6, 2009


The struggle for equal footing can leave a person exhausted.

Plans are moving forward well. My AP portfolio is starting to breathe and grow and become a thing of its own; the voice I wanted to give it has taken root and the subsequent blooming is motivating me further on. I wish I had some work to show, but I'm not ready yet to display it until all twelve images are complete. The concept is "Human Nature;" a study of the harmony that can be found between mankind and man made objects and the natural world. I'm having the time of my life with it.

I am earning and grasping more independence everyday, and come August I'll be a single entity, paying my way through life for the first time and preparing to enter into college. The only downfall of my summer will be that I cannot march anywhere, but fall will come soon enough and with it the start of auditions for winter guards.

There are things that need doing that cannot be done until June 6, 2009. I need to release myself from certain acquaintances, negative friendships and relationships are only poisoning my state of mind. The ability to manually narrow my association with people will be welcome. It's not that I dislike anyone, but I don't thrive well in large circles.

I'm going to continue growing and learning, as I always have and always will.

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